NAIL3D's Story

"The Future Of Nails Is 3D"

Hi, hello! I'm Coco.

​The idea of this brand was born thanks to my friends! We were having lunch, on a casual Monday, and I was whining about my job... Again. (My boyfriend will tell you I whine a lot, but I agree to disagree.)

So we started to discuss what I could do next in my career. After a sip on her hot apple and cinnamon tea, one of my friends said: "Well, you are a 3D artist AND a nail artist, why don't you try to mix both?"

OMG. I can tell you that I was gagged! The idea was SO good!


And just like that, I started to create 3D textured nails, with passion and determination. This new product gave me so much inspiration I knew I had to share it with the world. I hope this vision I have will inspire all of you artists, beginners, and pros, to unleash your creativity and take part in this new and innovative journey I like to call; "The future in the nail industry".


My boyfriend and I are working very hard to create innovative, high-quality, and trendy products so you too can feel the vibe of this whole new vision.